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Feng Shui Poison Arrow: The Ultimate Guide to Protect Yourself

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What Are Poison Arrows?

Feng Shui Poison Arrow are concentrated energy accumulations caused by sharp objects which point towards the front door or a window of your home. The 5-Element Theory‘s form points out that these forms are considered to be as “Fire”. This packed energy shoots like a high-speed bullet into your home.

In case it hits a wall, no worries in this case. However, if it catches your door or a window, it is a totally different story. It is important to realize that exterior poison arrows are by far the worst. We have to remember that to over 70% of the home’s energy is influenced by the outside.

How can you tell if you are affected?

feng shui bad energy
  • Elderly people or kids can feel the effect of a poison arrow first. It is due to a weaker immune system which lets bad energy pass easier. If all of a sudden some unexplained changes occur, go out for a hunt and observe if some sharp objects do point towards the home.
  • Illness or sudden money loss is a sign as well that something is not right
  • It can interrupt a good night’s sleep
  • In the office, it can cause constant problems with colleagues or customers

Easy Ways to Spot Poison Arrows

Look out for everything that is sharp in its form. It can be a lamp pole, a sharp roof, a tree branch, or the edge of a wall from a neighbor that points right into an entry point of the house. To measure if you are in danger, the object should aligned in a straight line with doors or windows. In case the obstructions are in an angle, it might likely hit the exterior wall. No issue in this case. Take a look at some great examples:

Outside Poison Arrow From Roof


The corner of this roof points right into the window. Remember, it has to be in a straight line. The other apartments which are below and above are not affected at all.

This roof by a neighbor points right into the windows directions. As this angle hits right into the room, the curtains should be closed at all times to lessen the impact.

Interior Poison Arrow


Interior Poison Arrow is very common in every house. As all the rooms and most of the furniture are in square form, this automatically creates sharp edges. For an instant, the bedroom closet points towards the bed or a wall edge points to your office desk. Inside, it gets a little bit more tricky to take care of this issue as it is not always easy to block the path.

  • Try to place furniture in a way that they do not point toward the sofa, bed, or any chairs
  • Keep enough space between the furniture and any seat location. For the most part, one meter is sufficient as there is still enough space to walk around. Any movement will reduce the impact caused by the poison arrow.
  • If you can, place some hanging decor from the ceiling to cover any sharp edges
  • Plants are also a great idea to ease the Poison Arrow impact inside the home

How to Cure Poison Arrows?


By the same token, the roof’s edge shoots right into the couple’s bedroom. They complained about a bad sleep habit since they move in. A simple block was all that was needed.

Block, block, block, I can not emphasize enough that this is the best way to take care of a poison arrow. It does not matter with what it is done, but it needs to be done with urgency. A wall made out of concrete, a wood fence, thick bushes, rocks, or a screen anything that blocks the path will help.

Alternative Method if a block cannot be done

One alternative method to get the poison arrow taken care is to add a water element (Aquarium) in its path. Please remember the water feature needs to be big with a minimum measurement of 1 x 1 meter. As small fountain or bottle of water is not strong enough to neutralize the strong fire energy

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