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Feng Shui Mirror Placement: Top 5 Rules and Myths Busted

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Discover the Top 5 Feng Shui mirror placement rules and I am going to burst the 5 common myths for you. Without a doubt, it is important to know the major mirror placement rules inside the home. For that reason, I will explain where the best spots are and which ones to avoid.

Many other Feng Shui experts go crazy with hundreds of rules to follow. At the end of the day, there is no place to hang a single mirror at all. Of course, Feng Shui is all about Qi energy flow, but also common sense needs to be considered. In truth, it does not make any sense to hang a mirror somewhere far far away from where you need it.

At some point in time, you will get cranky and moody because it is just not convenient. This is not what Feng Shui is about! Let us explore together to top rules and myths everyone should know.



feng shui mirror shapes

Personally, I do not see any major difference if the Feng Shui mirror is square, round, or comes in any unique design forms. Just go with your personal preference and do not worry too much about the shape. As I have mentioned earlier, the most important factor is what the mirror reflects.

This has nothing to do with the energy present in the area, as the mirror only reflects images and not Qi. If you go out shopping for a new one, take a look at the area first and measure of how big the mirror should be. With this in mind, imagine what the reflections are going to be.


feng shui kitchen

As the stove is considered a very strong Yang Fire Element (5 Transformations), having a refection of the stove can cause the kitchen to be too Yang. As a result, it creates a strong Feng Shui Yin Yang imbalance with getting the Fire Element out of control. The best is to avoid a mirror altogether in the kitchen.


feng shui mirror front door

Do not place a Feng Shui mirror on the side the main door opens. Once a person enters the home and a reflection shows up in the mirror, this can create some unpleasant moments.

To point out, this has nothing to do with the energy entering the home, it is simply a psychological issue that you, the kids, or guests might encounter. In a situation when you return back home during evening hours, it is dark without any lights on, and you see a reflection shadow of yourself in the mirror – not too funny and can scare you to death, right!

A good spot, to avoid the issue described earlier, is to place a mirror on the opposite side of the wall next to the front door. Once a person enters, the Feng Shui mirror is not viable at first sight.


feng shui bathroom

The most common place for a bathroom mirror is right above the sink. Please avoid any mirror that faces the bathroom door directly or the toilet boil. I am sure it isn’t quite nice to see yourself sitting on the toilet all the times, right?


feng shui mirror facing bed

You can place a mirror in the bedroom without any issues. I hear some expert say to avoid a mirror in the bedroom altogether. This is not practical and completely out of sync with common sense.

However, one rule that everybody should follow is to never place a mirror facing the bed. This position can create restless nights and sleep Insomnia. This has nothing to do with the energy present inside the bedroom, as it is more about how our body functions at night.

A research study has discovered that our eyes have motion sensors active while we are asleep. Due to our body movements during sleep, the “survival brain” is being activated by the motion sensors as it detects a threat. Of cause, it is not a real threat, but we are not aware of it at this point in time. The result, we wake up and our subconscious mind looks for the threat. This is quite counterproductive as our main goal is to have a good nights sleep.

Feng Shui Mirror Placement: The most common myths busted!

1. Does a Feng Shui Mirror Double the Energy?

No, it does not double any energy in any way. This is the most common myth presented all over the internet. The craziest comment I have read about this is when somebody suggested a mirror will double the food when it faces the dining table. Really, try to hang a mirror in your wealth area and see if it doubles your wealth. Sorry, this is just pure storytelling material from a fairy-tale.

2. Does a Mirror at the Front Door reflects Energy back out?

No, it does not. However, it can even be the opposite case as it can attract more positive energy. In ancient China, brass mirrors (metal) were used to attract the Water Dragon inside the home. As of the 5 Transformation Theory, Metal produces Water and is therefore highly auspicious to place a brass mirror near the front door. Please remember that our modern age mirrors are made out of sand, soda ash, and limestone.

3. Does a Mirror facing the bed invites marital affairs?

Another myth busted as this is statement is not true and in no way does is has any effect on marital affairs.

4. Does a Bagua Mirror reflect Evil Energy away from the home?

A Bagua mirror cannot reflect or redirect any negative energy away. Therefore, just to rely on the protection of a Bagua mirror at your front door is just an illusion. With this in mind, other measures need to be considered for any possible bad Sha-Qi to be redirected or blocked.

5. Does a Mirror reflect Qi-Energy?

No, it does not reflect any Qi-Energy. To repeat, the only thing a mirror reflects are images, nothing more or less.


As you can see, there is not too much to worry about the mirror placements inside the house. Only 5 simple rules to follow and the most common myths busted. That’s all one need to know about the mirror topic. Nothing more and nothing less.

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