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Office / Companies

It is very surprising to see that many companies fail to implement proper Feng Shui into their design. At some point, unforeseen trouble starts to occur and the owner or CEO is most not aware of the reasons behind it. During our Consultation process, we will take a closer look at these areas:

1. The reception/Entrance area

As the entrance is the Qi mouth of your business, a proper interior design and reception desk placement is a must. Furthermore, we will take a look if the neighbor buildings or offices have any negative effect on your business.

2. The office layout

This is by far, the most important part of the Feng Shui Audit. Here we take a closer look at the following:

  • Plot the energy chart of your office to see where your wealth corners are located
  • Are there any missing energy sectors in your office? If yes, is wealth energy present in this sector?
  • Proper desk placement of owner/CEO desk
  • Check if the marketing department and CEO office are located inside good energy areas

3. The Canteen/Kitchen Area

Both, inside a residental home and the companies building, the kitchen area is the health heart of all employees. If the eating area is not appealing or dirty, the employees tend to get quicker sick. As a result, the company is suffering from less productive workers, and the sickness can spread like a wildfire. Therefore, the owner should invest some money to offer a nice, relaxing, and clean break time enviremont. We will look if the kitchen is located in a good energy area or in a sick area.

4. External Environmental Impact & Location

Is your office easy to reach for your customers and employees? Remember, a difficult commute to work makes your employees exhausted before even work starts. A good infrastructure should be present.
We survey your office surrounding for any obstruction that can cause bad energy entering your office. For example, the Wall Knife (Bi Dao) which can cut your business in pieces (see photo on the left). You do not want a Wall Knife facing your office. Therefore, such building features need to be avoided. Also, we look out for possible construction sites, trash areas, street overpasses, or T-Junctions that might have an effect as well.
Another factor to consider is, if your location suits your type of business. Generally, a Beauty & Spa or Meditation Center should not be located next to a noisy factory as it is a place to relax. A great location would a Yin area which is quiet and not busy, to begin with. On the other hand, an Import & Export office should be situated next to the port and not in a quiet suburban setting. A Yang area is a must for this kind of business.

RETAIL / E-Commmerce

Every good retail store should be located in a busy Yang-Zone with a lot of foot traffic for potential customers. If your store is located in a shopping mall, we will take a look at the entire layout of the mall to see if your shop location is situated in the wealth or unlucky energy sector. It is not surprising why some parts of every mall are always busy and other parts look completely abandoned with little foot traffic. Also, the same can be said for any e-commerce business. Always survey which websites have the most traffic to sell your products.

1. The Cashier / Checkout Area

The Cashier’s location should always be in the Wealth Star area to absorb the most prosperity energy for your business. Storage rooms or low margin product displays are more suitable for the negative energy sections of your store. We will look into this as well.

Exterior & Location

In case your store is located outside of a shopping mall, we have to look if the pavements are wide enough for people to walk to your store. As wide side-walk brings more wealth into your store. Is enough parking available for your customers? Is your store located in a quiet area or a busy area? A quiet location is excellent for yin driven items like “Spa Products”. In contrast, a yang area must be vibrant for fast-moving consumer products like electronics. These are just two examples out of hundreds other obstacles your store might be facing.

Logo’s & Type of Business

Type of Business

In case you like to start a new business, we must look into your Bazi Birth Chart if it is suitable for you to begin with. We can see if your birth element is in conflict or support of your new business venture. As every business industry belongs to a certain Feng Shui element (Retail Selling = Water), it is necessary to check out your lucky birth element. A supportive lucky element will help you to grow your business and be successful . We do have extensive experience in retail & e-commerce to point you into the needed direction. If you already own your own business, we definetly can help to finetune it.

Logo Design with Feng Shui

The Logo design is by far the most important branding feature you give out to the world. An innovative & smart design will bring curiosity from customers. The first impression is always the most important. In e-commerce or in retail, the customer decides in no more than 3 seconds if he/she will do purchase from you. A well-designed logo and business name will stick in the consumer’s mind forever. For further reading, go toHow to design a great business logo with Feng Shui

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