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Audit / Consultation FAQ

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How does a long distance Feng Shui Audit work?

Before we can start, you need to submit your floor plan, compass reading, photos of your rooms to us. Upon inspection, we will start to write the detailed Audit-Report for you. During this process, we stay in close contact to avoid any misunderstanding.

Is is safe to have an online Audit?

Yes it is 100% safe. First, you can pay via a secured payment provider (for example PayPal) which offers the highest Customer-protection. Secondly, you will get the entire report in writing. Therefore, we have to be extra careful what we include in our report as you have this written Audit forever. Many in-home audits are done mainly verbally. Do you remember in one or two years everything that was said? With a written report, you can review it forever. Thirdly, our reputation is the highest treasure have. There is no reason why we would jeopardize it.

What kind of Feng Shui School do you practice?

We mainly practice the principle of Master Xuan Kong Flying Stars, but also take some other schools of thoughts into consideration. For instance, the Flying Star can be very tricky to apply when it comes to apartment buildings. There, we would consider where the most Qi (Shi) is entering your apartment as the starting point for our further study. In addition, we also include the Kua & Bazi elements to get the full picture.

Do you practice New Age Feng Shui?

No, we do not believe in the Black Hat Version of Feng Shui as it is mainly misused for marketing purposes without any real and long lasting effect.

Are you a certified Feng Shui Consultant?

Yes, we are certified Consultant with long years of experience. All of our studies were done in South-East Asia.

Do I need my partner to participate in the Consultation process?

If you have all the basic information, we recommend one person from your household/office to talk to us. Otherwise, it might get very confusing for both of us. However, once the Audit Report is completed, all members of the household should participate in the deployment of our recommendations.

How much do I need to spend for the Enhancements & Cures?

Our recommendations are normally low cost. We advise moving existing furniture and decoration items to new places inside your home. In some cases, more adjustments are needed as just moving items.

Our Payment & Cancellation Policy

We do accept PayPal and Iban bank wire transfer (Europe only) as our preferred payment method. We allow a 24r hour cancellation grace period in case you have changed your mind

What is your service area?

We offer our Long Distance Consultation worldwide.

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