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Facing Direction of Home/Apartment – Top Secrets Revealed!

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Feng Shui Facing Direction Home Apartment

This Topic is by far the most discussed in the Feng Shui community. Many people still believe that always the Front Door is taken into consideration. If you still believe it, I am sorry to tell that you are wrong. The Front Door is just one factor of many, nothing more or less. In Classical Feng Shui we refer to the Sitting and Facing Direction. These technical terms mean no other as the front and back side of your house. Once the directions are determined, the 24 Mountain Directions can be applied. 24 Mountains are 15-degree sections of the 360-degree compass.

Why the believe to have the Front Door as the Facing Direction Exist?

It is very true that in the old texts the masters used the Front Door to do the compass reading. However, the old Chinese houses were completely different as today. Firstly, the front door was always facing the road. Secondly, the form of these houses was always square with one hallway leading into the house. Last, the sunlight only entered the house via the front door as there were no windows.

As a matter of fact, Feng Shui Masters used the Yin-Yang Theory to determine where the most Yang Energy was entering the home. To point out, the only source for Yang to enter these old homes were the Front Door. As the houses had no windows, the backside was determined as the Yin (sleeping) area. On the contrary, our homes are very much different, today. We have many windows and doors that let light inside the house. To conclude, we cannot apply a believe that will not work anymore.

Case #1: Round Building: Which direction is it facing?


Can you answer it easily – no, it is not that simple! To be sure, we would consider the front door as our starting point.

Case #2: The House is surrounded by many roads

house many roads

The question is yet again where the facing is? In case no clear determination can be done, we use the main door as the reference point

Case #3: The Front Door is at the Side of the House


Without doubt, we consider the front side of the house as our Facing direction (see green arrow). The front door is not taken into consideration (see red X)

Case #4: The Front Door is facing the Road

feng shui front house facing street

That’s Easy – As you can see, here the front door location can be used. It is important to realize that the living room and dining rooms are up front too. Remember, these are all Yang areas.

Case #5: Qi-Flow of Yang determines Facing


The Front Door is clearly facing the Road. Why not use the Door you might ask? In this case, many different factors such as park view, river view, grass or open space determine the facing direction. Also, the most active Part (Yang Energy) of the house is at the backside. To be sure, the floor-plan needs also to be taken into consideration as well.

Case #6: What is Your Apartment Facing Direction?


In fact, The rules are different for apartments and odd-shaped buildings. One argument is if we should take the apartment door and the main door into consideration? Or should the main focus be on the Yin-Yang Theory? It all depends. In some cases, the front door might be the correct choice.

In other cases, the Yin-Yang Theory must be the answer. It is difficult to determine, the best is to look for the quietest areas first (bedrooms, walls with no windows). As these are considered Yin, the opposite areas of the house must the Yang.

Some Key Point to Consider for Evaluation

Without reservation, determine the Apartment’s (House) Facing is by far the most difficult task a Feng Shui Consultant can face. Many Feng Shui schools differ in their teaching as well. In our opinion, it is most crucial to have an open mind. We do follow certain guidelines which can change case by case:

  • Where is the most Yang located? This can be the window front with the balcony area.
  • Is the hallway dark filled with a lot of Yin Energy?
  • Where is the most Yin area in your house (bedroom)
  • Where is the most beautiful view located when looking outside?
  • Which are the most active areas of the house?
  • Which main-door is mostly used by the residents attracting the most Qi?
  • Is one side of the home facing a hill or water?
  • Where is the sunniest side of the home?
  • On which side your guest is coming into your home?

Once the facing direction is determined, go to the next step: Do your compass reading

How do i take the Correct Compass Reading

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