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There are two language sections on this Forum. First, is the English speaking section. Only English language is allowed. Any post in another language is subject of deletion. The second section is for our German language natives. Here, only the German language is allowed. English language posts will be moved to the appropriate threads. Only the German language is allowed for discussion.

Only one account per member is permitted. If we detect that more than one id for same member exists, the Moderation will delete all duplicates.

Cancellation of Account:
You can stop being a member of our Community at any time. You can simply stop posting, or write us a message to delete your member account. No further information will be stored on our server

Link Policy:

In order to limit the misuse of our Forum, we do not allow outside links to other webpages. Only in some unique cases we will allow it when it helps the topic discussed. Otherwise, we will delete any links. Links in your profile signature are not allowed. You have the option to input your website in your profile only.

Ethical rules to obey:

  1. Respect the opinion of other members: Have a civilized discussion without "name-calling" or slander the poster. These comments will be deleted.
  2. No spamming, trolling, or flaming is allowed on this Forum. Failure will result in immediate ban/block from this forum
  3. No personal attacks are allowed. If you are being victim of an attack, contact Admin or Moderator to take actions. Please do not fight back and get involved in any kind of fist-fight. It will harm your reputation. Let us do the work for you.
  4. Be patient with new members of our community. They are new and somethings do not know all the rules. All senior members, can advise our new members in a kind way how things are handled here.

We welcome any form of participation from you. Do not post anything: obscene, vulgar, sexual, harmful to underage, hateful, racist, deliberately offensive, homophobic, threatening, defamatory, damaging, or violation of any laws. Do respect other members and talk nice and friendly. No rude, shut down if you not agree or aggressive behavior is allowed. This forum is about harmony, peace, and love, and happiness. Keep this in mind.

Forum Moderation:

All the Forum Boards are monitored by our Moderators or Admins. They have a sole right to delete or edit any inappropriate post. If you disagree, please contact and reason of why it should not be the case. All messages are being reviewed and we have the right to move, edit, delete, close any thread or post by our own discretion.

Threads and Posts:

  1. Search if a Post about this Topic/Question already exist
  2. Post the topic in the right board
  3. Double posting in more than one category is not permitted
  4. Any form of advertising is not allowed. Use the  appropriate "Advertise my Services" Board to do so.
  5. Off Topics are not allowed. Please use the "Everything Else" Board for this
  6. Do not use ALL-CAPS in your post. We will edit your post.
  7. If you see a discussion has already started, please read all previous replies to avoid confusion
  8. Do not hijack any topic
  9. Do not post too much personal information about you
  10. Use humor/jokes with caution. Everybody can react differently. This is a worldwide forum, so your joke might not be appropriate in some cultures.

Professionals / Consultant / Service Providers:

As a professional, you can give advise in any form. However, it is not allowed to ask for any kind of fees or money on all threads. The only exclusion is the Advertise my Services Board where you can advertise your services.

Fundraising/Financial Transactions:

In no form can you ask for money of any kind. No fundraising or offering is allowed. This also included the private message system. If we detect any kind of spam or fund raising behavior, the account will be banned right away.  If you like to hire a professional, please contact them outside of this forum for further detail discussion.

Private Message System:

You can write in a private way to every member that you do not like to publish in public. Even Admin cannot read the messages. However, our anti-spam program will detect any illegal activities. No illegal content is allowed, this also includes sexual advancements .

Report Violation to Moderator:

If you notice anybody that does not follow the rules, please report this member to the Moderator or Admin. We will look into this for you

as per law, if you are underage, please ask your parents for permission to use this Forum. A  written permission by email is needed in order top approve the account. Underage is considered the legal age applied by country law.

Copyright / Trademark:

We highly respect the copyright of third parties. The forum should not be a place of copyright infringement. If you post photos, please make sure there is no copyright on these photos. The same can be said for text. Do not copy and paste text passages from the internet here on the forum. Use your own wording. If a member breaks a copyright law, your data might be forwarded to the third party.

Photos / Text

All photos and text need to be in context of the Forums topic. Any sexual, violent, discriminating photos/text will be deleted and a ban will be placed on the member.

Yes, we know that we have to have some rules. We wish you a very happy time here on our Forum and enjoy connecting with other members.

We reserve the right to update and change the rules at any time. Appropriate announcements will be done via the message board

Your FengShuiBalanz Team

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