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Grave in the Love area  


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15/10/2019 2:37 am  


I would be really grateful for a post or à thought on This matter: We have 2 graves and a compost in the garden part of the Love area. (2 dogs are buried there.) It does not feel like the best vibe for the Love area... Is there anything you can Do to neutralize This energy?

Kind regards

Question Received via email by: Nina

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15/10/2019 3:24 am  

Hi Nina,

"The Love Area" as you are referring to might be from the "Modern Age Feng Shui" mainly practiced in the West. This school and the regular Classical Feng Shui for the home are considered YANG-Feng Shui. However, a grave yard placement is considered YIN-Feng Shui and totally different rules need to be applied. Mainly the San He Landform rules play a very important role here.

The total exterior environment needs to be taken into consideration such as mountains (hills), nearby water-sources (river, lakes), streets, traffic, modern structures  such as electricity poles, nearby building etc.

Here are some basic & general rules:

  • The grave should NOT be in any active part of the garden. Yin is inactive and therefore it should be in area where it is quite (no roads behind or outdoor actives) and also pay attention to neighbors if they are active or not behind the fence in this section or not
  • Preferably a mountain (Mountain Dragon) should be at the rear. Alternatively, you can place some bigger rocks or a solid headstone there
  • The area in front of the grave should be flat and empty. Grass is ok, but avoid any plants, trees etc.
  • Do not place the grave next to water as there is a belief that the soul-energy will be restless
  • Place on the left and right side with rocks or stones a small wall
  • Leave grass on top and avoid any concrete, stones etc.
  • Do not place the grave near high voltage power lines
  • Do not plant any flowers or bushes on top. Keep it simple with grass
  • Avoid anything sharp objects (roof edges etc.) pointing onto the grave area. The so called "Poison Arrow" (read more here) are considered a Fire-Element and not auspicious for the grave site.
  • Do not have the grave next to trees. The roots will interfere and believed to cause bad energy

To answer your second questions:

For the Compost Bin Location more common sense should be considered. As like the grave the BAGUA-MAP rules DO NOT apply for the exterior environment. The Map is only for the interior of the house. Therefore, the compost should be located where it least interferes with your daily life (smell, bugs...). Also keep the compost area hidden with bushes, so that you will not see or smell it when sitting on your patio area or if you open the window of your home.

I hope this will gives you an general idea


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