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Wu Yun & Liu Qi for stem & branches.  


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19/10/2019 6:18 pm  

Hi guys I am currently studieng how to understand my natal chart and something I want to approach after I understand this fragment of information is natal to current year, month and day chart or future dates.


But to stick to the point I figured out how to make the natal chart find the meaning behind the elements and the certain auspicious or grave houses or stars. What I don't understand is house my stems and branches effect each Other, I know basic transformations that don't deal with Wu Yun/ Liu Qi. But the premise of understanding the Wu Yun/ Liu Qi seasons/stages baffles me. For example how do I know what is my initial year stages for the stem and branch. Do those seasons/stages effect one another. What about hidden stems, I know there is a hiarchy based on superior element of the chart( question though, 1st is the strong element but to branches with 3 hidden stems what is the order). And then how to approach the rest of the pairs of stem and branches in correspondence to the year pair assuming their host. Say Gui turns as host excess fire and guest is deficient water( this is off my head don't have my study material on me ) does that make the month stem or branch as host of deficient water(where also there is no deficient water but excess water . What to do then)


Accounts if you have patience this the latter question I got. How do you compare or understand the relationship between natal chart and current date chart?


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