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Silver Package (Home)



Silver package – A Great Package for ONE ROOM (Studio Apartment)

This package is great if you happen to live in a studio apartment or just need to get one room taken care of. Doesn’t it sound wonderful to have a Feng Shui Audit done for such a low price? With attention to details, we analyze your space to determine which energies are affecting you. Together with you, we look into details such a best bed placement, stove location, and Feng Shui Best Practice.

A detailed list of all your positive energy areas with enhancement advice is included in this report. Also, all negative sectors with cure treatment are explained, too. With this in mind, you will get a complete Flying Star Chart of your place. The permanent energy chart should be kept in a safe place. The ever-changing annual Energy must be taken care of every year. We will include a chart of the current annual Flying Star chart. However, this package only covers the permanent energy of your home.

  • Full Flying Star Chart of your Floor-plan (One Floor only)
  • A Bagua Map (Square) of your Floor-plan
  • Choose ONE ROOM for the Energy Analysis
  • Determine the Facing Direction
  • We will check if your home is auspicious or inauspicious in nature
  • 3 Follow Up Questions of your Choice
  • Current Yearly Chart of Annual Flying Stars
  • Easy to understand guide of how the 5-Element cycles work (Must know for cure/enhancement)

This Information is needed from you:

  1. Firstly, we need a Compass Reading of your place (We will help you)
  2. Secondly, a floor-plan of your place is needed. Of cause a professional plan is great, but not a must. You can give us a hand-drawn plan as well
  3. Next, your move-in date
  4. Last, be able to take compass reading with a smartphone compass app

Get multiply pages Audit Report (one sample page):



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