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Platinum Package (Home)


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In a word, the Platinum package is creme de la creme. For those who want to get the best result, but are quite unfamiliar with Feng Shui. The process will be very easy and straightforward explained to you – step by step. We do include all of the family members and your beloved pets, too. In a similar fashion as us, pets are also affected by the energy. Therefore, it is our duty to include them in the audit report as well. Unquestionably, this report goes even beyond classical Feng Shui in many ways. Firstly, a Chinese Birth chart (Bazi) is calculated to help to find your:

  • Your best favorable colors / unfavorable colors
  • The best Element of each family member
  • What is the best direction to work and to sleep
  • Your personal Min Gua number and the character of it
  • Your lucky life periods

The Flying Star Analysis of your house includes:

  • A complete floor-plan with the affecting star location (Mountain / Water Star) of ALL Rooms (max. 2 floors)
  • Detect Wealth Areas of your house & how to activate them
  • Make sure the Relationship area is properly activated
  • Bedroom location and arrangement for best sleeping position
  • Your Kitchen Layout with stove location guidelines accordingly to the energy map
  • Determine if the front door is auspicious or not.
  • Advise of how to decorate rooms in reference to the star energies
  • A Point often overlooked to detect and active your health corners
  • Exterior survey to detect any negative energy (Sha-Qi) impacting your home (Landform school)
  • Look if you have a missing area and how to adjust it
  • The Three Essential Feng Shui Theory applied
  • Detect both the lucky and unlucky areas of your house and advise how to handle it
  • Detect the best area for Academic or study success
  • Bedroom selection for all family members
  • Decoration and furniture rearrangement tips
  • All Family Member’s Chinese Signs, characters, and possible soul mate connections (Power of 3)
  • Inspect whether or not a Yang water feature can be placed. Where is the Water dragon located?
  • Lastly, Video Chat with us

As a bonus, you can ask unlimited follow-up questions for six months. In case you still have some concern about certain areas, it is a good way to seek professional advice from us. How to get started with the audit report? Please prepare some basic information for us such as photos of the home, birth dates, move-in date, a floor-plan, and the house facing compass degree.

Preparation of the Audit Report

The Audit Report will be prepared in accordance to the strict guidelines of the Flying Stars (Xuan Yuan), Water Dragon, 24-Moutain Rings, 8-Trigrams, Bazi, Small Ta-Ji, He Su Landform school, and Luo Pan Compass school. To point out, all these techniques are purely classical Feng Shui practices. No Black Hat or Modern Age Feng Shui will be applied.


One example page of our over 30+ Pages Audit Report:



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