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Remote Home T-Junction Consultation

Feng Shui T-Junction Audit

 199.00  129.00


T-Junction: Bad? WAIT: It actually can be your goldmine for ultimate wealth

We all agree that most of the time t-junctions can be challenging. But there are exemptions to the rule. Do you have wealth or love sitting at your front door? If so, the fast moving Q-Energy actually can shoot you up into the sky with gold coins falling down as rain.

Take a look at this home. At first glance, this seems like a very bad location, but it is actually not. This home creates tremendous wealth for the owners.

Are you living at a t-junction home and like to know if you hit the gold mine or need remedies.

We will survey and calculate what your situation is about. In any case, if the location is good or bad actions needs to be taken on either side of the coin

When Should you Get a T-Junctions?

  • In case you are always stressed and on edge most of the times
  • Is nothing working out what you do?
  • Do you have all of the sudden health issues?

What can a T-Junction Audit Do for you?

  • Bring Good Luck to you
  • Avoid bad luck and bad energy to hit your house
  • Remedy or Enhancer recommendations



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