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Feng Shui Imitation Gold Leaf - Attract Wealth

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Feng Shui Imitation Gold Leaf

  • Attract ultimate wealth and money
  • Suitable for your money/wealth area
  • Attach while paying respect to your personal god
  • Apply on god or Buddha statue (see below for position & meanings)

The law of attraction also applied for gold. The more gold you display, the more you will attract. As of this reason, all the temples and emperors were using the color yellow as a symbol of wealth, power, and worship.

Having hundreds of dollars in your wallet is to no avail, as energy cannot feel and attract more of this. It is very crucial to display gold inside your home. Once doing so, universal energy knows about it and works hand in hand with you to gather even more. Of course, it is not safe displaying wast amount of real gold in the form of coins or bars, but make use of the Feng Shui Imitation Gold Leaf which gives out the vibration into the universe.

Why should you put a gold leaf on a Buddha or god’s statue?
A gold leaf shows evidence that you are worshiping the power of Buddha or your personal god.

A wise person respects their deity by portraying him/her with a beautiful body of gold. Indeed, the gold-like skin will glow up your home, and those who see and admire the deity will gain even more prosperity in life.

During your merit, do apply the gold leaves to certain parts of the body for naturally receiving enormous rewards such as:

  • Apply the gold leaf to the chest. In return, you will have the pleasing glory of the people, you are loved and gain popularity by people, and you stand out from the crowd.
  • Gilding the hand is believed you will become a powerful person. Nobility comes into your life, and people will respect you.
  • Putting the leaf at the feet is believed you are safe while traveling in a vehicle or at any accommodation. Also, your overall well-being will improve dramatically.
  • Place a gold leaf at the back of the Buddha or god it is believed that you will become complete. You will enjoy a magnificent life.
  • Gilding the base area of the statue will help to get a promotion in a career or enjoying a stable job.
  • The belly area stand for prosperity, money, and endlessness wealth

Feng Shui Cures/Enhancer Guide:

How to apply on a statue or object:
Please avoid touching the leaf by hand as the texture will break.
The best technique to apply is with a small brush.
Apply a clear crafting primer glue on the area
Open the paper sheet and gently put on it

Package Content:
Choose of quantity of 4.8 x 4.8 cm Feng Shui Imitation Gold Leaf

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