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Can you reuse coffee grounds? Yes, 40 Uses and How to do it!

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can you reuse coffee grounds

Wake up! Don’t throw away your old coffee grounds after enjoying a nice cup of coffee. All too often the grounds lands right after usage into the trash. Has it ever come to your mind to reuse it in and around your house. Has it ever come to your mind to ask yourself, “Can you reuse coffee grounds?” The answer is a big yes. Truly, many uses are so effective that it is quite unbelievable to think of. In addition, recycling the old grounds saves quite some money after all.

How to Reuse Coffee Grounds in the Yard

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There are many ways of how to reuse coffee grounds in the yard. I am going to list here the most efficient ways:

1. Get rid of wasps

Wasps are the not so friendly brothers of the beloved bees. Surely, to keep a safe distance is essential. A very simple 3 step trick to let the wasps know that they are not welcome. First, add some grounds into a metal container or ashtray. Secondly, lid the coffee up until it becomes smokey. Finally, the wasps do not like to smell of the smoke and will stay away for hours to come.

2. Get rid of snails

If you are growing young plant’s of any kind, snails are mostly not far away. They love young leaves as it tastes sweet and delicious.  Add some of the reuse coffee grounds on top of the plants soil to show the snails that this is a no-go zone for them.

3. Get Rid of Ants, Bugs

Sprinkle the reuse coffee grounds around plants, trees, and flowers to keep away these nasty insects like bugs or ants that love to eat the freshly grown leaf or flowers.

4. Fertilize your Plants / Grass

In order to reuse coffee grounds around your plants, you need to rinse it off at first. As a matter of fact, it has quite a low pH but will be neutralized when going thru the rinsing process. Sprinkle it around your plants as needed to boost growth. In addition, you can mix it with a Nitrogen Fertilizer to encourage microbes in the grass roots to grow quicker and thicker. (no need to do the neutralizing rinse off with grass)

5. A Perfect Compost Mix

Simply, add the coffee ground to your compost mix with your other organic left-overs to create the utmost nutrients for your plants.

6. Below Ground Vegetables

If you are gardening vegetables that grow below the ground like potatoes, red beets or carrots, the coffee ground is your helper in need. As ants and other insects just hate the smell and taste of the ground, they will stay away to let your vegetables grow bigger.

7. Lower Soil pH

Can i reuse coffee grounds to lower the pH-Level of the surrounding soil. Many plants/ flowers do love a low pH. Be careful to research which plants it can use for. Some plants do not like a low pH and might die.

8. Grow Mushrooms

Add some spores of a mushroom combined with coffee grounds into a small pot to start your own nursery.

9. Cats & other animals out

Use a combination of reuse coffee grounds and orange peel to stop unwanted neighbor animals such as cats to stay around your yard.

10. Get rid of Snow

Instead of using the not so environment-friendly salt to melt the snow, use the coffee instead. The snow will melt quite quickly and saves the nature.

11. Extinguish open fire (camping, BBQ)

Sprinkle the ground coffee over the almost extinguished fire to keep all the ashes down. For example, if you use water, a huge cloud of smoke will arise. Avoid by simply using the coffee grounds instead.

How to Reuse Coffee Grounds Inside Your House

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Can you reuse ground coffee for purposes inside your home? There are indeed some helpful and very environmentally friendly uses during your daily routine:

12. Get Rid of burned Pots / Pan

Coffee has a unique feature that’s scrub-like. Many times these stubborn hard to clean burned spots are quite annoying. Add some water and grounds into the pot to scrub it clean.

13. Absorb Smell in Bathroom

Add a small open container of the reuse coffee grounds somewhere on the bathroom shelf. As it has a unique and strong smell it will suppress the bad smell quite quickly.  For this reason, you can do the same anywhere in your house such as a kitchen to overturn a burned smell.

14. Get rid of Bad Fridge Smell

Many times the fridge can overpower you by its smell. Because the food has gone bad or simply the delicious Limburger Cheese is taking over. In order to get your fridge back to normal, the non-toxic fresh coffee grounds can help to neutralize the bad odor.

15. Air Freshener for Car

Imagine, you are opening your car door and getting hit by this terrible odor trapped inside the car. It could be rotten food which was forgotten or simple outside smells that are sitting tight inside. There are two ways to handle this situation:

  1. Get a plastic cup filled with coffee and place it into the cup holder (do not close the lid)
  2. Fill up a small cotton sachet and hang it in your car

16. Add to Trashcan to Neutralize Smell

Simple add to the bottom of the trash can or over the smelly plastic trash bags inside the can the reuse coffee grounds to keep the surrounding or your garage smell free.

17. Marinate Meat

Mix coffee grounds with olive oil and cover the meat for at least 24 hours. This mixture will add a smokey flavor to the meat without having a smoker at home.

18. Make Coffee Cookies

As you love to drink coffee, why not use the leftovers to bake your own coffee-flavored cookies. Add one to two tablespoons of the grounds to your favorite cookie recipe.

19. Bake a Cake

Going bigger as cookies, bake a cake. In fact, many recipes on the internet do ask to add instant coffee instead of the brewed version into the cake mixture. Don’t like to buy extra instant coffee just for baking, add the coffee grounds instead. Ready to go!

20. Make Coffee Ice Cubes

Make refreshing ice cubes for your next iced coffee. This way it will not water down the flavor of your next iced coffee and get an extra caffeine kick as a bonus.

21. Dye Eggs

Create a nice natural brown colored looking egg with this simple to use dye trick.  Simply add the coffee grounds with a tablespoon of vinegar into the hot boiled water. Stir well and add now your raw egg into the pot. Next, wait for 4-6 minutes until the egg is boiled hard. Take it out with a spoon to let it dry. Bingo, done.

22. Take Care of Wood Scratches

Add a mixture of oil and some coffee to a cue-tip. Now, touch up to easily overshadows the scratch due to the coffee’s dark texture.

23. Use as Cleaning Abrasive

Because of the rough texture of the reuse coffee grounds, it as perfect use as a cleaning abrasive to take care of the most stubborn dirt spots. As an illustration, you can scrub your bathtub or tiles clean. There is no need to buy expensive cleaners anymore.

24. Let’s Cut-Flowers Live Longer

Add some ground coffee with the water into the vase to display your freshly cut flowers. Due to the nutrients, the flowers will stay fresh much longer.

25. Clean your Hands

If you have shopped onions or garlic, scrub your hands with a little bit of reuse coffee grounds and water to get rid of the smell once and for all.

26. Uncloak your pipe

If you have some though pipe blockage, the coffee ground in combination with vinegar, baking soda and hot water will help. First, add the grounds powder, and baking soda into the drainage pipe. Following, pour a good 1/2 liter of vinegar onto it. Let it sizzle for 1-2 minutes before you add boiling hot water (1 kettle) into the pipe. As a result, a burst of explosion can be heard to clear the pipe.

27. Shower your Dog / Cat and get rid of Flea/ Ticks

First, use the regular dog shampoo to clean the animal’s fur so that it will become soft and shiny again. After rinsing off the shampoo, rub the grounds all over the hair. If your dog has flea’s you might see them jumping off in panic. After 4 minutes, rinse off completely and continue to dry the fur throughout. Please remember, damp hair can cause fungus to grow.

How to Reuse Coffee Grounds for Art and Crafting

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In this section I will explain of how to reuse coffee grounds in the field of crafting and arts:

28. Use as a Black Color Dye

Create your own non-chemical hair dye by simply adding the coffee grounds to a thick hair conditioner. Mix very well to apply on damp hair. Leave it on for around 20 minutes. Finally, rinse out completely with fresh water until it runs clear.

29. Make Candles out of Coffee

First, you need to collect your old wax from previous candles around the house. Next, place fill up an old aluminum tin with the leftovers wax. Next, place the tin into a cooking pot and let it heat up until it is boiling. The next step, add the reuse coffee grounds into the mix and stir well. Finally, fill up a nice looking jar with the newly created mix. Please do not forget to place a candle wicks into the liquid wax. Let it dry & Enjoy.

30. Create Crafting Mud / Fake Dirt

Get yourself some paper towels to cover it with a mixture of water and grounds. Place it as thin layers or other forms somewhere to let it dry for at least 24-48 hours. After this period everything becomes very hard. This is now the time to use it for your crafting purposes.

31. Antique Look of Wood

Add one tablespoon of coffee grounds into a white vinegar filled jar. Completely sealed, let it sit for at least 24 hours. After the sitting period, use steel wool to apply onto your wood objects.

32. Make Sea Shells Stone-Like

Use flour and ground coffee to create the perfect imprint of shells collected from your last beach vacation. Perfect to decorate your home with this nice looking tropical touch.

33. DIY Crafting Color

Add water and coffee ground together to create a nice looking brown water-based color.

34. Color Dye Fabrics of Kinds

Get a big enough glass bowl ready to get the fabric absorbed completely. Pour boiling hot water over two tablespoons of reuse coffee grounds. Let the mixture sit for some time. Then, wet the fabric with clear water first, before you place it into the coffee mix. Let it sit for around 20-30 minutes before hanging it to dry. The result is a nice looking light brown color of the fabric.

How to Reuse Coffee Grounds in Beauty

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35. DIY Body Scrub

Apply the reuse coffee grounds all over your body with an old sponge. The scrub will get rid of much old skin particle to let you shine in a bright new light once again. Rinse off with clear water.

36. DIY Eye wrinkle scrub (remove dark circles)

Mix virgin coconut oil with the coffee grounds in a small container. Apply the mixture underneath your eyes for soothing moisturizing and Anti Aging effect. Close the container and store inside the fridge for further use.

37. DIY Facial Scrub

Add some coffee onto your hands and gently massage in a circular motion your wet face.  In order to boost the beauty effects, you can add virgin coconut or olive oil. Both oils do have a superb Anti Aging effect on your skin.

38. DIY Coffee Soap

Add simply to your favorite soap recipe some grounds powder to create a beautiful brown texture combined with a smell of fresh coffee.

39. DIY Coffee Shampoo (Itchy Scalp & Hair Loss)

Many commercial products advertise the coffee shampoo or tonic as a magic way to help for hair loss and an itchy scalp. Indeed, they are 100% correct, but are you willing to pay such a high price if you can do it yourself for cheap. Add a regular mild shampoo with 2 tablespoons of coffee into a bowl and mix it very well. Without delay, refill your newly created coffee shampoo back into the bottle. It will gain strength over the next 24-48 hours.  Now, it is time to use the shampoo for good. Wash your hair with regular shampoo first, then use the coffee shampoo. Once gently massaged in, wait for 5-10 minutes before you rinse it off with clear water.

40. Anti-Stretch Mark Scrub

Mix olive oil and coffee grounds well together. Apply gently on your stretch marks for a period of 4-6 weeks. You will notice how quick the skin will rejuvenate back to its old beauty.

How many Times can you Reuse Coffee Grounds

How many times can you reuse coffee grounds? This is a very common question asked by our readers. The short answer is: once only. Once you have used the coffee grounds once, it cannot be reused any more as it will lose its structure and strength. Anyway, if you are a regular coffee drinker, you will have a daily new supply of used coffee grounds from the daily freshly brewed coffee.

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