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Remote Feng Shui Audit (Bigger Size Apartment, Condo)


Remote Feng Shui audit for a single story layout condo or apartment with 2 or 3 bedrooms (smaller loft spaces is included)

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FENGSHUIBALANZ - Shop - Remote Feng Shui Audit (Bigger Size Apartment, Condo)

Remote Feng Shui Audit (Bigger Size Apartment, Condo)

(1 customer review)


Remote Feng Shui audit for a single story layout condo or apartment with 2 or 3 bedrooms (smaller loft spaces is included)

Worldwide Remote Feng Shui Audit for 2-3 bedroom Apartment or Condo layout

  • Please book this remote Feng Shui audit only for a single story layout condo or apartment with 2 or 3 bedrooms (smaller loft spaces is included)
  • Classical Feng Shui method only
  • No hidden fees or strings attached (we do not sell any commercial products!)

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking a way to enhance your life. The Chinese science of Feng Shui, which dates back 5,000 years, can assist you in building a happier and more prosperous life. It’s based on the ancient belief that everything in the universe has a natural flow of energy, or chi. If your house is arranged in a way that disrupts this flow of energy, it can cause bad luck and negative emotions in your life.

Benefits of having a Offsite Audit done

We can assist you by doing a remote Feng Shui audit (worldwide) in setting up your house or workplace to ensure balance and harmony. Here are some benefit of hiring us to conduct a qualified audit:

  • Improve your health: The correct remedies and improvements can increase qi circulation, providing a healthier environment and preventing a variety of health problems.
  • Boost productivity: You might be surprised to learn that sleeping or working in the wrong cardinal direction can really have a negative impact on productivity and, in the worst case scenario, can foster an attitude of “I don’t care about anything at all.” The appropriate arrangements will assist in boosting you and your family to greater levels.
  • Increase harmony and happiness: Once the apartment or condo has been set up in its entirety after the audit, you will know exactly how it feels to have comfort and inner peace at home. All of a sudden, it feels like a real home and not just a place to sleep and eat.
  • Boost prosperity: Place your work desk or home office in one of our calculated auspicious locations to boost prosperity and increase your chances of success. Once the universal energy is supportive, difficult tasks all of a sudden become simple. You won’t have to question yourself anymore about whether you’re making progress or not.

Of course, there could be a lot of other hiccups going on in your life, making it difficult to identify the actual cause. There may come a moment when you’ve done everything conceivable, but the same things keep happening over and over again. The reason for this is very simple: you are still surrounded by the same unfiltered, constant energy vibrations.

Financial difficulties, marital troubles, health concerns, and work difficulties are a few examples of possible obstacles. If this seems familiar, a change is definitely needed. As all the above-mentioned life struggles fall under the same umbrella of Feng Shui, the only way out of these life issues is to change the qi flow to your advantage. This is when we step in and assist you in adjusting the energy flow correctly!

Enjoy this enlightening remote Feng Shui audit experience that will permanently improve the quality of your life.

What will I receive with the Audit report?

  • On the floor plan, each energy sector is represented in the form of a pie chart that identifies the various flying star energies.
  • We mark and calculate the exact center of the home for you
  • Detection of your home facing direction
  • See if by chance there are some missing areas and possible affects
  • Activate your love, wealth, and health energy sections
  • Both, reduce and neutralize negative energy areas
  • Helpful guide of how to place the remedies and enhancers successfully
  • A sector by sector analysis with detailed explanation
  • The report is normally around 10 – 20 pages long
  • Determine what kind of house it is and if it brings luck/wealth/health
  • As every apartment or condo is unique, we start our audit always from scratch
  • Any personalized request about your specific circumstances
  • A basic Star 9 Ki or Bazi analysis

Finally, there are no hidden fees; we simply charge the flat fee that is shown above for this remote Feng Shui audit. We also will never ask you to buy any cure or enhancer products from us, as this goes strictly against our belief in doing an honest audit. The overall process is simple to follow and easy to comprehend.

How does a Remote Feng Shui Audit work?

When you reserve this remote Feng Shui audit service for apartments and condos, we will email you a thorough pdf file (for clients’ eyes only) with instructions on how to take an accurate compass reading and create a suitable floor plan. We can also help if you’re unsure of the home’s actual sitting and facing directions. It would be wonderful if you could tell us about your current situation and what you would like to improve. After our initial meet-and-greet conversation, we will use effective traditional Feng Shui techniques to enhance and approve your circumstance.

All of our Feng Shui techniques are exclusively drawn from several classical schools and customized for your particular situation. We suggest rearranging your furniture, offer recommendations on where to place remedies or boosters (5-Element Theory), and update you on the top priorities that must be accomplished in order to completely support the energy shift inside your home.

After you have received our report, please do not worry, as we will stand by and support you in making all the necessary changes.

Cost of Feng Shui Consultation for apartment and condo

The cost of the Feng Shui consultation depends on the number and size of rooms you want to audit. For apartment or condo spaces, you will not face the same high cost as doing a remote Feng Shui audit for an entire house. Without an onsite visit, it is very simple and cost-effective to do so with today’s technology.

We don’t offer any commercial Feng Shui merchandise. We charge only for our remote Feng Shui audit services.

See a sample of what can you expect (only one page of many):

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    Good and very useful Good and very useful. Service was beyond expectations. The Team took time to evaluate everything and even the tiniest detail was discovered. Impressed

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