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Offsite Feng Shui Audit International (All small spaces)


Offsite Feng Shui audit for small spaces (studio or one bedroom apartments) and very small houses

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FENGSHUIBALANZ - Shop - Offsite Feng Shui Audit International (All small spaces)

Offsite Feng Shui Audit International (All small spaces)

(1 customer review)


Offsite Feng Shui audit for small spaces (studio or one bedroom apartments) and very small houses

Offsite Feng Shui Audit for small spaces (studio or one bedroom apartments

  • Offsite Feng Shui audit suitable for studio or one bedroom apartment (also all smaller space homes)
  • All classical Feng Shui techniques from multiple schools (no symbolism)
  • This package is great if you happen to live in a studio apartment or smaller space and want to determine and analyze which energies are affecting you in particular.

If you want to expand your happiness, joy, and success in life, you need to have the right qi flow inside your space to understand its positive impacts. There are numerous possibilities to grow, but please do not believe it will happen by itself. Keeping a high and favorable energy flow is a much more difficult task!

We offer a range of classical Feng Shui solutions designed especially for small spaces to improve them to become even better. We are ready to get the ball rolling for you.

The assessment of smaller spaces during our offsite Feng Shui audit is a little bit more challenging as for example the donw-time areas (yin) and active space (yang), such as the living area, study area, or work area, are very close to each other. The directional sections of the energy are very narrow, with little to no room to move around bigger furniture pieces. The main problem here is that neither yin nor yang should dominate.

Why does this matter? It implies that the presence of a bed should not encourage laziness and that the sight of a desk should not encourage compulsive workaholic behavior.

  • Determine the areas where yin and yang are in conflict with one another and provide strategies to fix it
  • Identify the optimal qi flow so that the energies of yin and yang are kept separate and do not mix to cause tension.
  • Inspect the exterior for any potential sha qi elements that could harm the living space.
  • Propose the best furniture placement and layout to maximize living space to promote the best qi flow.
  • Establish the home’s proper orientation (not obvious because yin and yang space are sometimes used simultaneously).
  • A full flying star energy chart of your space.
  • We will check if your home is auspicious or inauspicious in nature.
  • Annual Flying Stars advice for the year.
  • Easy to understand guide of how to place remedies, enhancer according to 5-Element cycles (including pdf guide)
  • Personal best directions to work, sleep, mediate, and pray.
  • Personal unfavorable direction, also called draining direction which can negatively affect you.
  • Universal savings account direction, enable to save money or pay off debt quicker
  • We can actively look for your Peach Blossom energy area spot and provide advice on how to activate it if you are single and enjoy going on dates.
  • Audit report of about 10+ pages
  • Detailed pdf files of how to do a compass reading and remedy placement faq’s

The offsite Feng Shui audit for a small space or studio apartment, it is very important to micromanage every little aspect. As we understand that it will be challenging to implement all remedy recommendations, we will highlight the main remedies to concentrate on. Further suggestions for the ideal placement of the bed, office desk, and TV area according to auspicious flying star energy settings.

This small Tai Ji technique produces a thorough list of all your positive energy locations, along with suggestions for improvement. Additionally, every problematic area that needs remedying is explained in detail. You will receive a thorough Flying Star Chart of your space in light of this upon completion of the offsite Feng Shui audit. Keep the permanent energy chart in a secure location. Every year, attention must be paid to the changing annual energy influence. We will also provide a summary of the most recent annual Flying Star influence for each sector.

Depending on the specific situation, examining the entire building complex can provide information on whether the building as a whole, rather than the unit, can affect particular behaviors. You, as an apartment resident, have little to no control over the external circumstances. To overcome this difficulty, it is much more critical to focus on appropriate interior water features to offset this obstacle.

Which Feng Shui Method is Best

A frequently asked question is which Feng Shui method is best. Although there are many different Feng Shui techniques, Flying Star Feng Shui and Form School are the most popular and precise ones. Although the two systems have quite distinct characteristics, they must work together to create a successful, harmonious energy environment inside the home.

The permanent energy map of your house is determined by the flying-star system using time and space. When the construction of the building is finished, this permanent energy is trapped and cannot be released (some exemptions do apply). The building’s strengths and weaknesses can now be evaluated once we are aware of this energy pattern. A pie chart is superimposed over the floor plan after the center has been determined, dividing it into eight equal sections. The star numbers from one to nine represent these different forms of energy. The relationship between these energies is then examined, and recommendations for remedies or enhancements are made.

The primary concern of the Form school is the external environmental impact on the home. Different formulas are used to evaluate if the site of the home is auspicious or not, as well as what natural or artificial characteristics may have an impact on the energy flow. To some extent, the form school is concerned with internal aspects, but to a much lesser extent.

We have in-depth knowledge of both schools thanks to our work with recognized Feng Shui masters over the years.

As clutter isn’t actually an element of Feng Shui, it is more important to have a clutter-free space in smaller spaces like studio apartments or smaller homes.

Reasons to work with us?

We are highly trained experts with several years of hand-on expertise. Indeed, being able to think outside of the box and not offer simple one-size-fits-all solution, we will listen closely to your goals and needs in order to develop the best approach for your home.

This Information is needed from you:

  1. Firstly, to get started with the offsite Feng Shui audit, we need a compass reading of your place (We will help you to determine the correct location)
  2. A floor plan to scale for your space is also required. Naturally, a professional plan is ideal, but it’s not required. You can also provide us with a hand-drawn plan.
  3. The exact construction date of the building (not move in date)

Get multiply pages Audit Report (one sample page):

fengshuibalanz online consultation sample Page

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  1. David (verified owner)

    Rational answers and solutions I was very happy with the work that Oliver did for me. He is very professional and experienced, but also very friendly and easy to work with. I got rational answers and solutions to all my apartment placement questions.

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