FENGSHUIBALANZ - Shop - Feng Shui Home Consultation Offsite: Larger Houses (1, 2, or 3 story)

Feng Shui Home Consultation Offsite: Larger Houses (1, 2, or 3 story)


30% Off

For larger one story homes (also town homes) bigger than 2000 sq f or 185 sq m and all two or three story residential homes of any size.

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FENGSHUIBALANZ - Shop - Feng Shui Home Consultation Offsite: Larger Houses (1, 2, or 3 story)

Feng Shui Home Consultation Offsite: Larger Houses (1, 2, or 3 story)


30% Off

For larger one story homes (also town homes) bigger than 2000 sq f or 185 sq m and all two or three story residential homes of any size.

Offsite, Remote Feng Shui Home Consultation worldwide

  • Suitable for larger one story homes (also town homes) bigger than 2000 sq f or 185 sq m OR
  • all two and three story residential homes of any size

Psst, you left your happiness and success behind. You can reclaim it back with our Feng Shui Home Consultation!

Do you want to boost your home’s energy to attract more success, happiness and stay ahead of the game? The good news is that you can achieve just that with this off-site Feng Shui home consultation. Using proper classical techniques is an excellent way to increase and balance your qi vibrancy while also helping all of the family members to be in balance and harmony. This consultation will assist you in optimizing the energy flow within your home to meet your specific needs and goals. We understand how crucial it is to precisely personalize the audit to your unique requirements.

It’s true that taking action is the best approach to making changes in your life, and we’re here to assist you with that. We won’t simply tell you what has to be done; we’ll also demonstrate how it’s done and provide you with the resources you need. We’ll start by getting a clear picture of your current situation: what’s working well in your home, what could use improvement, and what energy settings are holding you back.

Reasons to Cherry-Pick our Services

  • We provide a high-quality and reasonably priced Feng Shui home consultation service that can improve the quality of your overall life while minimizing unwanted obstacles.
  • Our extensive years of expertise and practical experience can help you in many ways.
  • Our traditional Feng Shui approach is unique to your particular space and occupants.

The key to restoring energy balance begins with the outside world. Most people grossly underestimate how much the external qi influences the home’s interior. Think about how much more joy you may attract by removing negative and unfavorable exterior factors from your home. As an experienced consultant, we will examine what and how we can maximize the appropriate qi flow when it knocks on the door. There won’t be any surprises along the way, ensuring the best outcomes for you and your family.

Who uses Feng Shui?

The application of Feng Shui is quite common, which will surprise you. When someone enters a space and does not even notice that specific arrangements have been made to affect the flow of qi, that is the skill of good Feng Shui. As a result, numerous well-known companies all over the world are implementing the ideas into their regular business operations. The CEO’s office, the sales department’s office, or the logo’s design are some instances of typical Feng Shui applications. This ancient science is all around us.

On a private level, many successful people, politicians, and celebrities use Feng Shui in their personal lives. Ever wonder why this particular indoor plant is located right at this spot rather than in another area of the room? Yes, the wood element (plant) is required in this specific area, but who would know otherwise if Feng Shui were not mentioned?

To summarize who uses Feng Shui: The science of Feng Shui is embraced by people from all walks of life, professions, and religions. There are no restrictions, and anybody can use the basic ideas, including yourself.

The Audit Analysis of the house includes:

  • A complete floor-plan with the affecting star location (Mountain / Water Star) of ALL rooms
  • Detect wealth areas of your house and guide of how to activate them
  • Make sure the Relationship area is properly activated
  • Bedroom location and arrangement for best sleeping position
  • Your kitchen layout with stove location guidelines accordingly to the energy map
  • Determine the front door is auspicious or not.
  • Advise of how to place remedies/boosters into rooms in reference to the star energies
  • Make use of the best health and personal relationship energy settings
  • Exterior survey to detect any negative energy (Sha-Qi) impacting your home (land-form school)
  • Look if you have a missing area and how to adjust it
  • The Three Essential Feng Shui Theory applied
  • Detect both the favorable and unfavorable areas of your house and advise how to adjust them
  • Detect the best area for academic, work or study success
  • Bedroom selection for all family members
  • Decoration and furniture rearrangement tips
  • Locate auspicious position to place yang water feature. Where is the Water dragon located?
  • Your best favorable colors / unfavorable colors
  • The best elements of each family member
  • What is the best direction to work and to sleep
  • The personality of the home. What to expect!
  • Type of home: Look if the home is prone to problems such as divorce, legal issues, fire hazard and check if the home’s energy setting can support your career. Yes, there are homes that are more suitable for artists or lawyers!

All the preceding facts are crucial factors that we have to consider during our Feng Shui home consultation. Taking all these factors into account, we can provide detailed optimization recommendations. Please keep in mind that the main goal is to archive the best, highest-quality qi possible given the circumstances.

You may have noticed that an off-site or remote Feng Shui home consultation differs from the traditional onsite visit. However, with today’s technological advances, it provides an even more complete picture by making all the specifics and details much more visible during the many hours-long investigation.

How Feng Shui changed my life (Testimonial from Client)

To promote peace, love, and happiness around the world, one of our long-term clients sent us this wonderful testimonial to share with others. Let’s hear what Maria has to say:

I have been practicing Feng Shui for over 10 years, and I love it!

Many years ago, when I initially moved into my current house, I had no idea what Feng Shui was or how it worked. However, my 12-year marriage to my spouse had recently ended. I was alone in a new house with one small child, who was not speaking to me at the time (she is now in her thirties).

I felt miserable, scared, frustrated, and depressed. I had no idea how to make it better, or even if it could be made better at all! But somehow, through the power of prayer, the universe sent me to Oliver and Oh, who introduced me to Feng Shui and its amazing powers for healing and transformation.

They showed me how to apply its principles in my own home, where I and my daughter spend lots of time each day. Soon, I could notice the transformation of energy in my space into something beautiful. I have never felt so good since the separation. I’ve been practicing it with love ever since and that is how Feng Shui changed my life for the better.

Preparation of the Audit Report

The Feng Shui home consultation audit report will be prepared in accordance with the strict guidelines of the Flying Stars(Xuan Yuan), Water Dragon, 24-Moutain Rings, 8-Trigrams, Bazi, Small Ta-Ji, He Su Landform School, and Luo Pan Compass School. All of these methods are completely traditional Feng Shui techniques. There will be no use of “black hat” or modern-age Feng Shui.

One example page of our over 30+ Pages Audit Report:

fengshuibalanz online consultation sample Page



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