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Why should you select and rely on us as your Feng Shui consultant?

First, in order to properly acquire our knowledge and experience, we were certified and trained by a number of renowned mentors in the field of Feng Shui. A Feng Shui audit can be conducted in a variety of methods, and while each master or mentor has a slightly distinct personal style, seeing and experiencing them helps us identify even the slightest area of problem. Even today, we have not stopped learning as we regularly attend seminars and exchange knowledge with our colleagues, masters, mentors, and teachers. Some masters do not even issue certificates. Quote from one of our masters: “The knowledge I am imparting to you is considerably more valuable than a piece of paper.”

The benefits of scheduling a Feng Shui audit today

Our professionally trained team will assist you in turning your life around.  Regardless, of whether you have overall bad luck, experience health problems, or your relationship is in dire need of improvement. No need to worry; a Feng Shui audit based on the Flying Star School’s traditional principals will assist in improving your life for the better. Once our suggested remedies and enhancers are applied to your house, the reward can be felt shortly after. We do NOT practice “Modern or Black Hat Feng Shui” as this is not an authentic way of doing a home audit. Invest in yourself for the better with Classical Feng Shui. As we are aware that every person has different objectives, we offer different affordable Feng Shui audit packages that well fit your needs and budget.

By far, the three main reasons why a person schedules an audit are to improve wealth, happiness, and health or is concerned about Feng Shui for a new home. You should be aware that although health surprisingly frequently comes in third, it serves as the foundation for both happiness and prosperity. The body’s health is actually the backbone of happiness and wealth. Imagine having a severe migraine and feeling ill all the time. Would you have the time to focus on advancing your career or bringing the business to the next level? Having a thorough Feng Shui audit performed by a qualified professional consultant, like us, will highlight potential problems that could hold you back. To achieve the ideal Feng Shui environment, it is crucial to examine and adjust the energy fields within each section of the house.

To no surprise, the number one priority for many people who seek favorable Feng Shui environments is wealth. Most individuals want to advance in their careers or grow their businesses into bigger ventures. The secret to success is understanding the proper star energy structure of the building or company in order to identify which sections require booster shots and which require remedies that may impede further development.

There are obviously a lot more reasons why someone might want to obtain a Feng Shui audit. It might be living a happy, balanced life with the family at home without being constantly nagged or betrayed. Other motivations can include hoping to find your soul mate, avoiding divorce, or avoiding living in a home that can attract divorce, robbery, or violence. By looking at the energy chart of the home, we can determine its general characteristics and offer tailored advice on what needs to be altered. This sometimes also involves adopting new personal behaviors and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Once you’ve decided on your individual Feng Shui audit package, you’ll receive a comprehensively written report that explains everything in detail.

What to Expect from a Feng Shui Audit

We’ve observed it much too frequently that many people are duped by false information found on the internet or in self-help books.
It is important for you to realize that the books and topics on the internet are written in general terms since it would be impossible to provide each and every one with personalized guidance.

It would be comparable to reading about a disease on a medical blog and then learning during a real doctor’s visit that the symptoms were actually caused by something else. With regard to Feng Shui, the same is true. Reading about it in broad terms might be helpful to have a general idea, but an actual Feng Shui audit should be conducted to identify the imbalanced zones and advise a remedy.

Even an audit that is 100% accurate cannot always guarantee success. There are several causes for it. First, the exact construction date, a person’s own fate, or the improper use of our advice are unknown. Some homes may have borderline compass readings, meaning that the energy fluctuates between two different sets. The only practical way to determine which one emerges is through a trial-and-error approach.

Feng Shui Consultant Fee

Our personal onsite visit to your property is far more expensive than the Feng Shui consultant fee charged for remote services. Nowadays, there are so many useful and sophisticated tools available that doing Feng Shui audits online is more practical and less expensive. The first benefit is that you will receive a detailed written report, which will be very helpful in the future.

Many customers wouldn’t recall every single suggestion that was made a year ago during an onsite visit. However, a written report makes it simple for the client to review it and take appropriate action. This is especially true when it comes to the annual cure placements. Second, a consultant can devote more time during an online Feng Shui Audit, investigating every detail that would otherwise go unnoticed during a onsite visit.

The Feng Shui consultant fee is determined by the size of the house as well as the scope and goal of the audit. The more expertise and experience a consultant has, the higher he may charge for his services. A personal onsite visit to a client’s residence would typically cost between $800 for a small apartment and $2000 for a large two-story house.

For a small apartment the offsite Feng Shui audit for small spaces with FengShuiBalanz costs roughly $300, and for larger properties, a full audit can cost up to $800. The Silver, Gold, or Platinum packages are available to choose from. Additionally, we provide specialized services like our most popular Feng Shui Consult Diamond package,” ideal for a typical residential house.